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  Mrs. Crook  

I obtained my bachelor's degree in Music Education from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. During my undergraduate studies, I started to build up my own studio and enjoyed teaching the piano. The longer I taught, the more I realized that being a good performer does not necessarily make you a good teacher. Therefore, I decided to come to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at Ball State University, because I desired to become an even more effective piano instructor.

As a teacher, I believe teaching according to students’ individual aptitudes is the best strategy for music education. Students will be assigned different methods based on their age, music background and their particular goals for piano. Then, based on the particular needs, I will choose different supplemental materials for each student.

A piano instructor should not only teach students to use the right method to play the correct notes, but also provide them with a comprehensive musical foundation. For example, I would teach my students how to use their fingers, wrists, arms and entire body to build strong technique skills. Additionally, learning music theory and the historical background behind the pieces that students are playing can help deepen their understanding of music and can even help them compose their own works. To further expand and deepen the student’s musical understanding, I emphasize sight-reading, developing skills that will help students to learn new pieces of music quickly, and ear-training, equipping students with the essential ability to understand sounds and translate them into musical language.

I desire to obtain a music teaching position that will allow me to provide piano instruction that my students will love. As a piano teacher, I strive to be friendly and engaging, and to make the study of the piano an enjoyable and stimulating pursuit. My hope is that my students will not only learn the fundamentals of piano, but that they will develop an appreciation for music that would last a lifetime.

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