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The Student Day Program

Offered by Florida State Music Teachers Association

FSMTA offers an evaluation program, which is structured and comprehensive. The requirements for this program are contained in the FSMTA Student Activity Handbook, which is available to all members. Students are tested annually, not only on their ability to perform, but also on their understanding of music theory and their general knowledge of music. Levels of difficulty range from Primary through Level 12.

Over one thousand students enroll in Student Day every year in the state of Florida. According to teachers and students, the extra effort involved in this comprehensive program is worthwhile and they have a great sense of accomplishment.

Students who have learned the material by the application deadline may enter for a Certificate of Achievement. Those students who have not completed the requirements may enter for a Certificate of Progress. Those entering for Progress must still be tested in all four areas – aural theory, written theory, skills, and repertoire.

1. The Performance Audition

takes place in front of one adjudicator who gives constructive criticism on the following:

a) 2 to 3 pieces, depending on the level;

b) technique: scales, arpeggios and other skills;

c) keyboard theory, harmonization and transposition

d) musicianship and sight-reading (one bonus point will be awarded toward the overall keyboard skills score if sight-reading is performed well).

The student’s rating is noted by the adjudicator on an evaluation form.

2. Written Theory Exam

Students in all levels - Primary through 12 - take their written examinations in an assigned area. They work at their own pace and may leave as soon as they have finished.

GRADING: Progress: 0 - 69%; Achievement: 70% - 89%; Honors: 90% - 100%.

3. Aural Theory Exam

Students are tested in groups per level, 1 through 12.

GRADING: Progress: 0 – 69%; Achievement: 70% - 89%; Honors: 90% - 100%.

Dual Track Option For Levels 7 - 12: Students, who have completed Level 6, or who have demonstrated to their teacher that they are competent at the chosen level prior to the current Student Day, may enter for a certificate of Performance only (see 1 above) OR for a certificate of Theory only (see 2 and 3 above).

State Honors Award: Students who receive Honors in their Performance audition and who pass both Theory examinations are eligible to receive the FSMTA State Honors medal.

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