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Take the mystery out of mastering your instrument! Level Up is a program with 10 levels of achievement, each with 10 songs and challenges customized by your music instructor for your unique needs and goals - a perfect blend of structure and flexibility. Enjoy following a roadmap of exactly 100 steps from beginning to mastery, earning fun rewards like wristbands, certificates, and trophies all along the way. View custom Level Up assignments from your teacher (along with helpful resources like audio tracks and handouts) and track your progress all within the free app for students and parents! Level Up was designed for every age, level, and instrument, including adults, brand new beginners, and students who have already had lessons.

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Students Love It

What student doesn’t love the idea of “leveling up”? This is the same thing they try to do all the time in their video games and phone apps. Levels are a familiar concept, and students naturally understand it takes a little work and time to “level up”, but the reward and the journey is always worth it. Students enjoy being challenged in ways that are achievable and can be measured. And when students know they will be rewarded for completing each challenge, it makes it even more fun. Students LOVE stickers, certificates, wristbands, and trophies!

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Students are More Motivated

The feeling of accomplishment one gets after completing a task is enjoyable and memorable! Because Level Up is broken into many SMALL, achievable tasks, it makes completing them manageable. When the student gets a taste of what it feels like to complete that first task, it will be natural for them to want to complete the next task even more. Because the Level Up tasks (known as challenges and songs) are clearly defined and measurable, it gives students a clear sense of direction which is motivating in and of itself. When students see their first sticker go onto that sticker chart with 99 left to go, there is a real intrinsic sense of both accomplishment and inspiration there! This is why programs like the martial arts Black Belt system work so well.

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Students Make Faster Progress 

Because students are working harder to accomplish those tasks, they are progressing and growing faster as musicians. And when students are progressing faster, they can SEE their progress more easily, and then they are motivated to want to progress even more. It’s the type of cycle you want your student to be in, as opposed to the cycle where they aren’t practicing or seeing progress which leads to more lack of interest in practicing and eventually quitting.

Please talk to the instructor if you are interested participate the Level Up program,