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Lesson Scheduling

Students receive 34 scheduled weekly lessons, plus 2 recitals from August through May. Tuition  is  a  flat  monthly  rate regardless  of  the  number  of  weeks  in  the  month. Please see the Calendar for this year’s complete list of scheduled lessons, holiday breaks, and events.

For students requesting Monday lesson times, please note that there will be lessons scheduled on all Monday holidays and all LCPS teacher work days.

Summer Lessons:

Summer lesson scheduling is more flexible than academic year scheduling. A minimum of 4 lessons is required to hold a place for you in the following academic year. Students choosing not to enroll in summer lessons will be put on the waiting list for the upcoming academic year. 


Tuition fees are due at the 1st of each month. A late fee of $15 will be assessed for payments made after the first lesson of the month, and student attendance will be suspended until all fees are paid. A $15 fee for returned checks will be assessed. ​​

  • 30 minute lesson………………………………… $30/lesson

  • 45 minute lesson………………………………… $45/lesson

  • 60 minute lesson………………………………… $60/lesson

Adult Lessons Package:

This lesson package is only offered for adults who need more flexibility and are able to attend lessons on Monday through Friday before 3pm. Lessons are offered in an à la carte format. You have 8 weeks to complete the 6 lessons. After that, you can choose to continue for another 6 lessons or stop!

  • 30 minute lesson package…………………………….... $192

  • 45 minute lesson package……………………………… $288

  • 60 minute lesson package……………………………… $384​​​​​​​

Additional Fees and Referral Discount:

  • The instructor will purchase needed materials (music books, flash cards, etc.). Actual costs will be added to the monthly bill.

  • Achievement Testing/Festivals/Competition…….…... FEES VARY

  • When a student you have referred enrolls in my piano studio, your account will be credited with a $40 referral bonus in the next month tuition. ​​

Cancellation/Make-up lesson

  • Missed lessons are not refunded. Lessons shall not be extended due to a student’s late arrival.

  • Make-up lesson are not available to lesson package students.

  • Students are allowed to reschedule missed lessons or switch to online lesson if the instructor is notified at least 24 hours in advance up to a maximum of one lesson per semester. 

  • If the online lesson’s time is the same as your regular lesson time, it will not count as a make-up lesson.

  • Lessons canceled by the student without at least a 24-hour notice will not be made up or refunded.

  • Cancelled lessons must be made up within the semester. All make-up lessons expire at the end of each semester.

  • After using all free cancellations, your lesson will be charged whether or not the notice is given.

  • If the instructor has to cancel a lesson, it will always be rescheduled.


If you or your child is sick and/or missed school due to illness or not feeling well, please notice the instructor to reschedule the lesson or switch to virtual lessons.

In-Studio Courtesy

Parents are welcome to attend any lessons. Food or drinks (except water) are not allowed during the piano lesson. Food or drinks are NEVER allowed to be placed on the piano. Please wash your hands and trim nails before each lesson.

Please do not attempt to engage the teacher in conference during another student’s lesson time. 

Please do not ring the bell or knock until 2 minutes before your lesson, and pick up your children promptly after their scheduled lesson time. Thank you for being courteous of other students finishing or beginning a lesson while you are entering or leaving the studio.


  • Social Media: Follow the Studio Facebook page and YouTube channel to follow the latest announcements, students‘ achievements (share with permission), and more. 

  • Student Portal: Check out your lesson notes, online resources, and report  questions that you have during practice through the practice log, for more details please go to the student portal page.

Communication is important to a good learning relationship! Please let me know any questions you or your child may have. The best way to contact me is through email and text message.

Lesson Termination/Leave of Absence

Lessons Terminated by the Student:

Students who plan to discontinue taking lessons must give 30 days advance notice or pay an additional month’s tuition fee. If the student does not provide one month’s advance written notice, the student shall be liable for one month’s tuition in full, even if no lessons are provided during that month.

If you must miss lessons for one or more than one month but wish to continue as a student, you may choose from two options:

  1. Discontinue: You will be put on the waiting list.

  2. Reserve: Your class time will be held for you by continuing to pay monthly tuition. Online lessons during the absence may be available to assist you.​

Lessons Terminated by the Teacher:

The instructor reserves the right to discontinue lessons for any reason. If the instructor decides to terminate lessons, tuition will be pro-rated up to the last lesson taken and a refund provided, if applicable. Conditions under which the teacher may cease giving lessons to a student include the following:

  • Consistent failure to pay tuition on time

  • Persistent absences

  • Uncooperative attitude by students or parents

  • Inability to abide by studio policy rules

  • Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements

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