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TMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival

  • This festival is open to entrants up to age 18, including students of non-TMTA members. Students must have studied with their teacher for at least one semester prior to the date of the event.

  • Music Selection: Teachers are responsible for entering their students at an appropriate level and selecting music from the official list corresponding to that level. All music must be memorized. Repeats should not be taken in longer works except for Da Capo forms. In short pieces, repeats may be taken for balance or to complete the form. Please provide a clean, unmarked score for the judge; no photocopies are allowed. Any reputable edition is acceptable. Music should include measure numbers, with the correct page marked. Teacher names may not appear anywhere on the score.

  • Festival Procedures: Students should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their assigned performance time and should report to the monitor immediately for check-in. All students in a level will be seated together and judged back to back in a pre-selected order. This performance will be open to the public in a recital format, with programs for each level. No videos or photography is allowed. There will be one to two judges evaluating student performances and providing constructive comments for each. At the conclusion of each leveled recital, all students will receive a medal and one winner will be named.

  • Dress Code: Students must dress appropriately, in semi-formal attire. No flip-flops, crocs, shorts, tank tops, or jeans. Girls should wear modest necklines and at least knee-length hems, with closed-toe shoes. Dresses and skirts are encouraged, provided they do not have side slits or open backs. Boys should wear belted dress slacks and dress shoes, with a collared button-down shirt tucked in neatly. Ties/bowties are optional. All performers should put forth a pleasant, professional appearance, with hair neatly combed/styled away from the face. Please check your outfit with your teacher prior to the event.

  • Judging and Prizes: All students will receive comments on their performance from the adjudicator and will be graded as Superior, Excellent, Good, or Fair. All students will be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal corresponding to their grade. The judge will also choose one winner per level to receive a cash prize of $25.

  • Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for this event is $25 for students of TMTA members, and $30 for students of non-members.

  • Disclaimers: Teachers are responsible for ensuring that parents and students understand the rules. Judge decisions are final, and may not be discussed or disputed with the judge. Any complaints should be reported through the teacher to the festival chairman.

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